Designed for conservatory-level pianists, the Piano Institute and Seminar offers a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on performance, technical proficiency, and artistic growth.


Participants will receive personalized instruction from world-renowned pianists and pedagogues in a supportive and encouraging environment.

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Advanced workshops on touch, tone production, phrasing, and interpretation are offered to help participants develop their voices as pianists.

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Career Guidance

Participants will have access to workshops aimed at helping them build their network, learn about different career paths in music, and deepen their understanding of the music industry.

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Audition Preparation

The festival provides an ideal environment for audition preparation through structured private lessons and faculty guidance. In addition, musicians can take advantage of their time at the festival to prepare for upcoming recitals, auditions, and chamber music or concerto performances.

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Performance and Collaborative Opportunities

The festival offers ample opportunities for solo and chamber performance, allowing pianists to perform in front of supportive live audience and collaborate with talented musicians from different backgrounds and perspectives. Participants have access to performance recordings.

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Reach new heights in the company of extraordinary musicians.


The Atlantic Music Festival Piano Institute and Seminar is an exciting summer opportunity for conservatory-level pianists. Participants can choose to attend one or both sessions, each lasting three weeks, for a total of six weeks of intensive musical training.

With a focus on individualized instruction, pianists will receive personalized feedback and guidance from experienced instructors. The program also offers opportunities for solo and ensemble performances and provides archival recordings, helping pianists to develop their skills and showcase their abilities.

In addition to the core piano curriculum, students can participate in cross-discipline seminars offered by other programs at the festival, including Instrumental Program, Composition Program, Vocal Arts Institute, and MUGIC Lab, which includes electronic music and motion sensor workshops. These seminars provide pianists with a well-rounded musical education, allowing them to expand their knowledge and skills in a supportive and collaborative environment.

Located at Colby College, the Atlantic Music Festival provides a beautiful setting for pianists to immerse themselves in their craft, make lasting connections with like-minded musicians, and gain a life-changing musical experience. The comprehensive curriculum and supportive atmosphere will equip pianists with the tools and confidence to enter the world of concert pianists.


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Audition Requirements

Submit audio or video recordings of up to three contrasting works or movements. Selections must represent your current level of musicianship.

Recommendations are optional.

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Artist-Faculty *

Empower your artistic journey with personalized mentorship.

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