Discover your place in the world of composition and become part of a legacy that is shaping the future of classical music.

In-Depth Exploration

Dive into the world of composition with access to individual lessons, daily seminars, and masterclasses. Gain valuable insights into the creative process and refine your craft under the guidance of master composers.

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Premiere Performance

Each composer will write a piece for the festival, with the opportunity to have it premiered during a dedicated new music concert. An archival recording of the performance will be provided at the conclusion, allowing you to share your music with the world.

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Dive into Cutting-Edge Technology

Participate in the MUGIC™ Lab course and explore Programming for Musicians, MaxMSP Bootcamp, Motion Sensor, and electronic music seminars. The program, which began as an official collaboration with IRCAM, has developed into a unique opportunity to delve deep into the latest technology in computer music. The program is available during Session 1.

Mari Kimura, during a presentation

Screen Scoring

Led by the NYU Screen Scoring program faculty members, the program is available during Session 2 as an intensive course designed to provide an immersion into the fundamental concepts of scoring for the motion picture. Learn key concepts, including compositional process, orchestration using virtual and acoustical instruments, editing and mastering, and the screen scoring industry.

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Orchestra Reading

Full-session participants are offered a chance to take part in AMF Orchestra Reading. This is an exceptional opportunity to hear a live rendition of an orchestral work, receive an archival recording, and receive valuable feedback.

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Reach new heights in the company of extraordinary musicians.


The AMF Composition Program is a six-week intensive summer program that provides a unique and immersive experience for composers. Participants will have access to individual lessons, daily seminars, and masterclasses throughout the program, in addition to the opportunity to write a work to be premiered by a resident ensemble. Additionally, the program offers the benefit of participating in the MUGIC™ Lab (Session 1) and Screen Scoring (Session 2) courses, as well as the AMF Orchestra Reading (Full-Session) program. With over 40 composers participating in the program, the festival provides an invaluable opportunity to gain exposure and inspiration within the classical music community.


We are currently accepting applications.

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Audition Requirements

Recommendations are optional.

Submit 1-3 representative scores and accompanying recordings (if available).

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