Vocal Arts Institute

The pre-college vocal program provides an immersive summer music experience for singers under 18.

Rooted in AMF’s core values of originality, independence, and innovation, the program empowers young singers with opportunities to explore and enhance their vocal technique and artistry and to prepare for college-level training in vocal arts.

During each two-week session, students work closely with our expert vocal arts faculty to build their musical, creative, and collaborative skills in the context of vocal ensemble rehearsals, lyric theater workshops, vocal arts seminars, lessons, coachings, and masterclasses. Students may choose to attend more than one session in order to work with a broader range of repertoire and work with the full roster of faculty members who will be in residence over the course of the festival.

Each session culminates with onstage performances of diverse repertoire including song, chorus, musical theater, and opera scenes. Singers will gain practical experience working with the key components of their art including vocal technique, diction, interpretation, acting, and stage presence.

The program provides excellent training for those planning conservatory auditions. Our Audition Intensive program (available to all students at their request) provides individualized faculty guidance, while AMF's audition engineering team offers high definition video and audio recordings of all performances.

Program Highlights

  • Participate in daily seminars, workshops, rehearsals, and masterclasses

  • Receive weekly private lessons from our celebrated artist-faculty members

  • Participate in a dynamic, collaborative artistic environment where young and experienced musicians explore historic and new music

  • Our programs are modular and allow students the flexibility to choose from our various course offerings

  • Take advantage of collegiate level seminars and masterclasses offered by the AMF Institute

  • Attend open rehearsals and concerts scheduled throughout the season

  • Opportunities for performances including solo, chamber music, orchestra, opera, and theatrical productions

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Program Electives

In addition to the core program, participants may take advantage of the following electives available during the festival season.
Musical Theater Workshop image

Musical Theater Workshop

The workshop trains students in voice, acting, and dance to put on a staged production of musicals written and directed by the alums of the world-renowned BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop.

Audition Intensive image

Audition Intensive

Audition Intensive is a special program designed for students preparing for an upcoming audition at a conservatory or a musical institution. The goal of the program is to help participants channel their focus during the festival in order to create a successful audition portfolio during and after the festival season.

Festival Chorus image

Festival Chorus

The Atlantic Music Festival Choir is a special place where participants from all backgrounds are welcome to join in and come together as one to create a beautiful choral landscape. The choir takes on a range of repertoire, covering great choral works of the past as well as groundbreaking new works.

Audition Requirements

To apply, complete the online application and upload the following material via our online application site.

  • Submit audio or video recordings of two contrasting songs.

  • Recommendations are optional.

Please see Application Procedures for detailed instructions. If you would like to inquire further about the program, please contact us.