Application Deadline, Fees, and Tuition

This page provides essential information regarding the application deadlines, fees, and tuition. Interested applicants are welcome to apply anytime before the start of the festival season. However, we strongly recommend submitting as early as possible.


Applicants must include a non-refundable application fee with their materials.

To streamline the admissions process, we have unified the application procedures for both the student and the Fellowship programs. Those interested in the fellowship program should be aware of an additional fee. However, Fellowship placements are determined solely based on merit.

Candidates wishing to apply to multiple programs within a particular instrument, voice, or discipline may do so with a singular application, provided multiple programs exist within that discipline.

Conversely, applications spanning distinct disciplines, such as flute and piano, necessitate separate accounts with unique email addresses and additional application fees to ensure proper processing.

For specific deadlines and application fee details, please consult the table below.

Status Student Candidate Fellowship & Student Candidate
Open – Apply Now $75 $90

💡 Financial aid and fellowship positions may become increasingly limited as the festival season approaches. It is recommended to submit applications well in advance to secure the best opportunity for obtaining aid and fellowship positions.

Fee waiver for 2023 Applicants: If you completed your application during the 2023 season and use the same account for your 2024 application, the system will automatically recognize your previous application and allow you to proceed without an additional fee. Please ensure you use the same account. Unfortunately, we are unable to apply a fee waiver to a new account.


Your tuition for the Atlantic Music Festival covers a comprehensive package, including on-campus housing and all meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) at Colby College Campus. For more details on our residency, please refer to our Residency Guidelines. Note that the fees listed do not include potential financial aid awards. The Fellowship program at the Atlantic Music Festival offers the highest level of financial assistance, with no additional awards available.

Upon acceptance, participants must pay a registration deposit to secure their place. The remaining tuition balance and a $350 comprehensive fee, which includes event insurance and administrative costs, are also due. A refundable damage deposit is required to cover potential damages to AMF and Colby College property and incidental losses such as library books. This deposit will be returned in full after the successful completion of the festival.

Student Fellowship

06/24 – 08/04/2024



Fellowship recipients are provided with complete coverage of tuition, housing, and meals during the AMF season.

All AMF Fellows must arrive at the start of the festival and be in attendance for the full duration, arriving by 2:00 p.m. on June 24, 2024 and departing no later than 10:00 a.m. on August 4, 2024. AMF does not permit late arrivals, early departures, or absences.

06/24 – 07/14
07/15 – 08/04


Full-Session Only

Other Details

Students may elect to enroll in full-session or 3-week session. Those invited to the program must pay a $925 registration deposit and a comprehensive fee (see below) upon acceptance of an AMF program invitation.

The registration deposit ($925) will be credited to the final tuition amount. In addition, participants must submit a $500 refundable damage deposit. After completion of the summer program, the damage deposit will be refunded in full, subject to deductions in the event of damage or loss to any AMF property.

Those invited to the program must pay a $750 registration deposit upon acceptance of an AMF Fellowship invitation.

After successful completion of the summer program, the registration deposit will be refunded in full, subject to deductions in the event of damage or loss to any AMF property. The deposit will be forfeited in cases of late arrival, early departure, and/or absences.

Comprehensive Fee



Participants will be responsible for arranging your transportation to and from the Atlantic Music Festival at the commencement and conclusion of your residency at AMF, in addition to any unforeseen incidental expenses. Furthermore, we request that you secure your health insurance coverage. We strongly recommend acquiring travel insurance, including event cancellation insurance, to safeguard against unforeseen circumstances that might prevent your attendance, especially those originating from circumstances outside your control. In case of an event cancellation by the festival, we will refund any tuition fees.

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From its inception, the Atlantic Music Festival has established a unique tradition of nurturing emerging artists through its Fellowship & Institute Programs.