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From Intimate Chapels to Grand Halls: AMF 2024 and the Opening of the Gordon Center for Creative and Performing Arts

For 14 years, the Atlantic Music Festival (AMF) has crafted musical moments that range from intimate to grand, creating experiences that are both shared and profoundly personal. With its dedication to classical music's timeless allure and its embrace of contemporary vibrancy, AMF has stood as a beacon of musical excellence. As the festival looks forward to its 15th season in 2024, a harmonious blend of its rich history and a bright future is on the horizon.

Set to open this fall, the Gordon Center for Creative and Performing Arts at Colby College represents a significant development in AMF's journey. This architectural marvel, designed by the renowned William Rawn, features state-of-the-art concert venues to elevate the music and captivate audiences. The spaces, characterized by acoustical excellence and aesthetic appeal, symbolize the Atlantic Music Festival's progression and growth.

The final concert of the 2023 summer season underscored AMF's commitment to unforgettable musical experiences, highlighted by violinist Midori Goto's rendition of the Bernstein Serenade with the Festival Orchestra, conducted by Kisun Sung at the Lorimer Chapel. Although concert venues may change, the essence and spirit of AMF is unwavering. The shift to the Gordon Center doesn't signify the end of performances at AMF's original venues but marks the festival's exciting expansion.

Beyond its musical offerings, the Atlantic Music Festival has, for 14 years, maintained a deep bond with the community, generously offering concerts free of charge. Last season alone, this commitment was evident as AMF showcased more than 25 groundbreaking concerts over six weeks in 2023.

Artistic Director Solbong Kim remarked, "As we embrace the new chapter with the Gordon Center, we hold onto our roots and remember our journey. Each note, each performance, and each season is a testament to our dedication to music and community. The Atlantic Music Festival's essence is not just in our concerts, but in the shared experiences and connections they create."

With a vision that blends time-honored traditions with fresh innovations, the Atlantic Music Festival stands poised to continue its legacy of transformative musical moments. As the 15th season approaches, the festival embraces its storied past and the exciting potential of the future.