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Atlantic Music Festival Debuts Community Empowerment Program

In 2012, the Atlantic Music Festival launched the exciting I Am Four Years Old campaign for the next decade and beyond. Established with the goal of extending the festival’s vision of serving the community beyond free concerts, the campaign donated 100% of its concert proceeds to UNICEF’s Achieving Zero campaign (2012) and the Maine Children’s Home (2013), organizations chosen for their efforts for making a difference in communities near and far, providing aid to underprivileged children and families, and instilling hope.

From its inception, the festival not only drew extraordinary talent, but attracted musicians with the vision to empower the world through their music. In 2014, the festival is pleased to debut the Community Empowerment Program, an initiative that connects these musicians with individuals aged 17 and under from the surrounding community. By providing free private music lessons, this program will enable children to study with professional and up and coming musicians hailing from renowned institutions around the world.

Full program details, instructions, and an application form can be found at the I Am Four Years Old campaign page at http://atlanticmusicfestival.org/the-festival/i-am-four-years-old/

As part of the campaign, the festival will also sponsor a charity selected through audience votes collected on our website and at our concerts. This year’s recipient will be announced at the end of the festival season.

The I Am Four Years Old campaign serves as a pledge to sustain a public reaffirmation of its core values as the festival continues to grow in the coming years. Under the banner of Leonard Bernstein’s quote, “this will be our reply to violence: to make music more intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before,” the festival cultivates an awareness of its musicians’ place within their respective communities and creatively explores the musicians’ “reply,” whether it be to violence, social injustice, lack of clean water, or illnesses.

For more information about AMF 2014, including the complete schedule of events, please visit the Festival website at www.atlanticmusicfestival.org, or call the Festival office at 1-888-704-1311.