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Salon Series

Salon Series III

chamber music concert

Salon Series III

Experience a new kind of chamber music series.

Several hundreds of years back, small gatherings began taking place in the drawing rooms of the intellectual. Not only a venue for social visits and communication, these gatherings, or salons as they came to be called, became the birthplace of a fruitful exchange of ideas, an exchange from which inspiration was born. In the 21st century, with our third season, AMF premieres our own Salon Concert Series, producing a veritable grab bag of musical surprises from a variety of chamber and solo favorites, provoking a meaningful exchange: of ideas and emotions; from artist to artist, as well as from artist to audience.

Venue: Lorimer Chapel

Directions: Follow directions to Colby's campus. As you come onto campus on Mayflower Hill Drive, turn left on Cotter Drive, opposite the Diamond Building. To drop off passengers or for limited handicapped-access parking, follower Cotter Drive past Eustis, Lovejoy, and Cotter Union buildings to the small lot at the Rose Chapel entrance to Lorimer.

Parking Information: Regular parking is in the Eustis Lot, at the entrance to Cotter Drive between the Eustis and Diamond buildings or, if that is, full, in the Lunder Lot behind Diamond and Admissions.

Date & Time
August 2nd, 2012 @ 9:00PM

Lorimer Chapel

Featured Artists

  • Atlantic Music Festival OrchestraResident Artists